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Swift™ FX

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The ResMed Swift™ FX nasal pillows mask makes it easy to forget about your mask you’re wearing, and remember what it’s like to get a great night’s sleep. Combining a super-soft fit with a minimal appearance, the Swift FX covers as little of your face as possible, softly adjusting to your unique facial contours and muscle movements without leaving facial marks. It’s easy to use and offers maximum comfort and a real sense of freedom — whether you sleep on your side or your back, you can depend upon reliable, effective sleep apnea therapy throughout the night.

  • Intuitive. The Swift FX is virtually instant fitting, and it’s flexible enough to fit snugly but lightly over the unique curves of your face.
  • Premium performance. The Swift FX mask delivers stable therapy across the entire spectrum of prescribed pressure settings.
  • Stable and flexible. The Swift FX’s dual-wall pillows and flexible cushion base are designed to maintain a seal with your face without restricting your movements.
  • Cutting-edge. Like all ResMed products, the Swift FX was designed according to strict quality control standards and premium technology.

There is nothing like an FX mask

Nothing feels like an FX, nothing fits like an FX and no other mask makes therapy so easy and comfortable. So whatever your preferences, there’s the perfect FX mask for you.

Fit for all

Recognizing that everyone’s face is different, we’ve designed each of the FX Series masks to provide maximum comfort and customization for a broad range of users, so there’s something for everyone.

CPAP for your lifestyle

Built with your comfort and convenience in mind, your FX mask will transform your therapy into a simple and easygoing experience.

Comfort and simplicity

The FX Series of masks combines sophisticated design and easy functionality for maximum performance. The hallmark of the FX Series is lightweight, unobtrusive design and unsurpassed cushion technology for a superior seal and fit.


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